The Red Sun

Fun in LA

Story 1 Session 5

The game begins with the four Scions landing in Los Angeles, after deciding to take a short, well-deserved vacation from the troubles in Chicago. Having just taken out the Crimson Tide in a wave of violence and deceit, Randal’s general mood had continued to fall, secluding himself more and more and going out alone with just his boys for ‘scouting’ purposes.

Convincing him he needed a vacation to cool off a bit, they got him to LA. Taking some rooms nearby, Takashi quickly excused himself and took a train to San Diego, revealing the normally job-oriented Scion’s reasons for quickly agreeing to the trip. Having to excuse himself for his long absence from his law offices, he managed to placate his superiors by saying that he and Judge Richard E. Scott were working on some offices in Chicago.

Meanwhile, the remaining three decided to find something to keep them busy for the day. While Randal unpacked, Thurston and Felicity both had phone calls to make. Thurston called his manager to let him know that he was in Los Angeles, which resulted in a tirade that he only laughed at. Finally, his manager, deciding to make the most out of the situation, said he was going to arrange for Thurston to visit the Magic Castle during the week to hobnob with his fellows.

Felicity, in the meantime, was calling an old contact of her father’s that she had last heard of living in LA, a man named Tim who her father had gone back for during a heist and saving him from arrest. Surprised to hear from her, and surprised that the rumors of Dorian being imprisoned were true, he agreed to do some looking into the situation for her.

Now ready to actually have some fun, Felicity suggested Disneyland, which got an unexpected response from Randal. He reacted with a boyish “REALLY!?” and went on to describe how he’d always wanted to go as a kid. Deciding that was that, Thurston and Felicity looked up the park, but realized it had actually been closed due to an accident that had happened yesterday. Deciding it would have to wait for a day or so, since they’d be there for a week, they instead went to Venice Beach.

Thurston noticed quickly two crows watching him on the boardwalks, and pointedly ignored them, instead going to help Felicity shove Randal into the ocean. Soaked and sightseeing, the three eventually came to the idea to scout around for other Scions to try and draw some more firepower to Chicago. That evening, they swept a few clubs in the Hollywood area, hoping to find one of the more party and people oriented Scions, but coming up empty. Randal, uncomfortable with the club atmosphere, suggested they try another tact, and look at possible strange occurrences in the news.

Agreeing, they only had to do a couple of searches before coming up with a strange situation where insane women were tearing men apart and making other women join them. They were stopped when a young man threw a bottle of wine into their midst, causing the oddest thing to happen. The mass of women stopped, clawing at the wine spilled onto the ground, long enough for the police to safely round them up and admit them to an asylum. The man, however, was taken into custody for questioning, strange objects having been found on his person. To get the better details of all this, they had to call Takashi in San Diego the next morning, who had access to criminal records and arrests due to his status as an attorney.

Agreeing to head back to Los Angeles to be the man’s legal representation, Thurston and Felicity went ahead to go to the prison he was being kept at to first talk to the Scion before Takashi returned. As the man hadn’t been charged for anything, seeing him was simple, having to only say that they were friends of his asking about his bail.

Bringing him to the visiting area, the man was confused to see them, but their assumptions about him were correct; he was indeed a Scion. Nodding at the prison guard and saying that he did know them (having obviously recognized their Divine heritage as well), they introduced themselves. He was Howard Richardson, a son of Agni of the Deva. He explained his situation, a bit more boisterous of a person than they were used to, and announced proudly that they shouldn’t need to worry about him, that his friends were arranging his bail as they spoke. Both Felicity and Thurston immediately sensed that he actually didn’t believe that in the slightest, and explained their own situation to him.

Intrigued by the possibilities of honor, glory, and the songs they could write about Chicago and fighting off the Titans responsible for Chance’s End, Howard agreed to talk to his band once he was free of prison. Felicity and Thurston returned with Takashi and Randal later that day to pay his bail. Hearing Howard’s end of the phone conversation with his band, however, revealed that they were actually very mistrusting of him due to some serious naive faux pas of his in the past, having apparently led titans to their base of operations in the past by accident. Howard in the end made his own way back to his band, promising to call them in a couple of days once he told the whole story to his friends.

The next day was Thurston’s appearance at the Magic Castle, where magicians all over would come to entertain, show off to each other, and enjoy. As the Magic Castle was black-tie dress only, Thurston declared “Leave everything to me” and proceeded to dress the lot of them up. Felicity’s natural balance was the only thing saving her from falling over in heels, and Randal wouldn’t stop fussing with his suit, Takashi and Thurston being the only ones comfortable enough in the fancier dress.

Ivan Ivanovich, an old rival of Thurston’s from Russia, was making an appearance at the Magic Castle that day and was ready with a sneered greeting upon seeing him. Thurston introduced Takashi as his lawyer, Felicity as his new assistant, and Randal as his bodyguard, and Ivan waved them off to challenge Thurston to a friendly magic competition, asking if he still did that awful trick with the pendulum machine.

Agreeing to the competition, Ivan’s repertoire consisted of tricks revolving around vodka, such as turning water into vodka to share with the audience, and Thurston making things totally disappear, continuing back and forth until finally Thurston reached over to Randal and pulled him over, setting his head ablaze with Ivan’s vodka and a lighter.

Randal’s natural immunity to fire was of course what Thurston was banking on, and the audience, Ivan included, watched on in surprise as his head burned without burning. Thurston put Randal out, and Ivan conceded the match. Awarding him with four complimentary tickets to Disneyland (with some remarks of them being a childish thing to carry around anyways), Thurston bowed out and led his friends away while Randal practically salivated over the tickets.

The following day, they finally went to Disneyland, Felicity getting Bubastis in by claiming that she was a medical comfort animal. Going on every ride they could get their grubby mitts on, and Randal getting a pair of Mickey ears, they were enjoying a day in the park when they came upon the Seven Dwarves…two of them not being very nice to children. Recognizing them for what they really were, Thurston went up to the two angry dwarves and introduced himself properly.

The two dwarves, of course, were of the Aesir, and Thurston commissioned them to make a weapon for himself. They said they could, but for a price. They were working on a current commission for a Scion of Frigg, and needed a piece of the World Tree to make it…and the roots were hidden underneath Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyland. Normally, it would be easy to get to it, but two linduwyrms had taken up residence in the lake surrounding the island and were making approach by anything supernatural impossible. Agreeing to help, they concocted a plan to hijack the steam boat just as it emptied of passengers at the dock. Takashi and Randal knocked two guards unconscious while the rest of them boarded, the Dwarves able to knock the boat off its tracks and freely float towards the island. As they neared, however, the linduwyrms roared from the lake in front of all the visitors to Disneyland.

Just as they joined the fight against the beasts, they realized that a clever Disney park cast member had started the show music to blaring, helping mask the fact that this was in fact, a very unplanned thing to happen in front of everybody.

Randal took a hard hit off the bat, but crushed one as Thurston flourished his magician’s cape about, taking shots with his throwing knives. Helping coordinate a major attack on the last linduwyrm, Thurston threw a knife that Felicity shot the back of to add more velocity and damage, piercing its body and ending the fight.

The massive crowd gathered cheered wildly as the bodies sunk into the lake, and the Dwarves scurried back with their piece of the World Tree and hastily made their getaway, promising to put the Scion of Frigg in contact with Thurston. They were met at the shores by tons of Disney security, and were brought to the offices of the park manager, who, enraged at the unplanned bout of violence, agreed to not have them arrested as his ‘thanks’ for killing whatever those were in the lake…but they were never allowed into a Disney-owned park ever again.

The ride back to the hotel was somber, Randal being upset at being kicked out of Disney parks for life. Finally, he said that he was glad he had been able to see it, even just once.

When they returned, they each got a call from someone. Takashi’s was Howard, having talked to his band.

“HE-LLO my brave friends! It is good indeed to hear your voice again…even though you haven’t spoken yet….it is STILL good to hear of you!”

Howard had arranged for them to meet at the Amoon-Ra Cafe in Hollywood the next day to speak of Chicago and the possibilities of joining up together.

Thurston’s call was from someone named Noel, the Scion of Frigg the Dwarves had told him about. They decided to ask him to the Amoon-Ra Cafe as well, just a bit earlier than the other band.

Felicity had a call from Tim, with some information about her Father. All he could turn up was the name of his arresting officer, an FBI agent named John Varly.

Randal had a call from the Danny’s Boys back in Chicago, who informed him that things were getting a tad strange around town.

The next morning, they arrived early by nearly an hour to the cafe in question, an undeniably Egyptian motif overtaking the place. Nursing drinks and chatting, Felicity’s attention was caught by one of the waitresses, especially when the woman leaned forward and said quietly to her, “Come have a talk with Mother.”

Felicity followed the woman, her mother Bastet, to the kitchens of the cafe, who began doing dishes. Offering to help her mother, they both spoke while cleaning. Congratulating her daughter for her strength, she expressed disappointment at her leaving Chicago, however. Asking her mother if she’d been watching the four of them, she simply said that they needed the trip, and that she would have seen why they’d decided to leave for a breather. Accepting this, Bastet told her daughter that she had become a Demigod. Warning Felicity though that she was still weak in terms of Demigodhood, she gifted her daughter with a sceptre that she had had created for her, adorned with a sphinx feather Felicity had claimed as a trophy on one of her first jobs for her mother.

Telling her that she herself couldn’t use the sceptre, she said that Felicity was taking her first steps in creating her own legend and that Bastet believed her daughter to be the dark side of her moon.
Waving her hand over Felicity’s ring, she said that Bubastis might have something to say to her now, and with some words of encouragement, she opened a door, leading to the oasis Felicity first met Bastet at. Turning to face her daughter, she took her true form as the cat-headed goddess, smiled, and stepped through the door. Running to it, Felicity found only a cleaning closet, and rejoined her fellows just as all the other Scions were leaving the meeting with Thurston, Takashi, and Randal.

While Felicity was being visited by her mother, the men all met with Noel Backwater first. Strumming on the strings of a fantastic new harp, he said that he would make his own way to Chicago, and that he’d prefer to work alone, as his entire band had been recently killed.

Then, they met Erik, Samantha, and Frederick, having all arrived with Howard. The four of them eventually all agreed to make their own way to Chicago as well, after hearing of the trouble that Chicago was in.

With those duties acquitted, the band of the four of them enjoyed their last few days in Los Angeles before having to head back to their duties in Chicago.



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