The Red Sun

Happy Reunions

Story 1 Session 4

During the long disappearance of Thurston Frost, Randal, believing him dead, continued his work in Chicago with Felicity and Takashi.

After the attack of the dog in the alley, Randal confiscated the medallion found on the forehead of the unfortunate creature from Felicity to try and come up with some ideas concerning it. In the meantime, however, Takashi did various looks into the criminal underworld and Felicity did some jobs for John. The Crimson Tide, the bloodsport-heavy branch of the gangs of Chicago, was their next target, and Randal’s own searches with the Danny’s Boys turned up a unique opportunity.

The entire branch was said to be gathering soon for a huge match, the winner of which would earn $3 million dollars and a lieutenant’s position in the Crimson Tide. Secrecy surrounding this event was impossible to breach through Randal’s normal means, so his plan involved one of the two somehow getting an invitation to the match itself.

Asking Felicity if she had any underground contacts that could help with that, she called John about the ‘job opening.’ He told her he could arrange something, a theft contest for a specific Mesopotamian text in the collections of a private owner. The winner would surely be able to garner the attention required to earn an invite.

They managed to locate a weak link within the ranks of the private security at the mansion, and Takashi faked being a security consultant to get the details. Splicing together a plan from the information he gathered, Felicity decided to wait to see what other competitors would step forward, keeping a quiet eye on the Mansion on consecutive nights of stakeout. Having already picked her way in and way out, the Danny’s Boys were on call at any time she was ready to go.

Finally, about five nights later, a car she’d noticed a few nights previous pulled up again, and someone slipped into the Mansion. Following them, she used her divine gifts to remain unseen and unfelt by the motion detectors, though it wasn’t required as her rival had disconnected them earlier. Waiting for him to take out the two guards by the door of the collections room, she stepped up behind him as he began punching in the code. Letting him know of her presence with a chilling laugh, she tasered him and went inside. Not using the right weights to pull the text without tripping the security system, she had to dash quickly before the door closed on her. She still had the text, however, and made it to her exit point, where the Danny’s Boys had removed security bars from the windows when they saw her moving. Shoving her in the back of the van, they drove off with the text, leaving her unconscious rival behind to take a fall.

Delivering the text to John, a few days later she was called in by him to meet with a representative of the Crimson Tide. At Randal’s suggestion, she took Takashi with her to represent her ‘muscle.’ Getting the information from a tall, chilling blonde woman, they agreed that Takashi would fight in Felicity’s stead at the competition, but split the prize money should he win.

Randal, later, told Takashi that he had to hold out until the second round of the tournament, when the Boys would be in place and ready to go ahead with wiping them Tide out.

Making their way the next week to the abandoned warehouse where the Tide had gathered, Takashi went up against a giant man with a hatchet in his first round. Being introduced as “The Beast From the East,” Takashi readily took out his opponent after a few, crowd-pleasing swings.

During the few minutes preceeding the next round, Felicity, having been joined by Takashi, felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a Danny’s Boy who whispered to her that they needed to leave the building. Just as they got to the door, however, a shout was heard from the balcony where the leader of the Crimson Tide was watching from his private area.

Randal was up there, holding the crushed body of the leader of the Crimson Tide. Declaring that the good and innocent of Chicago would no longer tolerate the evils of organized crime, he dropped the body down into the ring just as the rest of the Boys ringed the balcony, holding automatic weapons. Takashi and Felicity were quickly ushered out as the firing and screams began.

The two of them, ignoring the chills in their spine, waited for Randal to finish his work and leave the warehouse. Speaking to them and apologizing for what they had seen, as they prepared to leave, Randal asked them if they had forgotten anything.

He had confiscated the 3 million dollar prize money.

Not a few days later, they recieved a phone call they didn’t think they’d get. It was Thurston, back from Germany. Telling them everything about Doctor Reinholdt and the Demigod band of Scions, he rejoined Randal, Takashi, and Felicity at the warehouse to their immense surprise.

After a very short period of peace, Danny’s Boys came up with a lead on some major crime bosses in Chicago, about to have a meeting to deal with the threat that Randal and his Boys posed to the underground. Enraged, and determined, Randal rounded up the three to go hunt them to their meeting place.

All three of them advising caution, he was convinced to let Felicity enter the wide open, two story meeting house first, hidden and invisible to check for traps. She was unable to find anything regarding the crime bosses, but feeling the unmistakable taint of Titans and the sick she felt at Chance’s End, Felicity let them know that this particular trap probably wasn’t what the type they’d expected. The other three coming in the back door, they heard an ominous laugh.

“…And they were like ants in my eyes…” With that, a giant stepped out into the open, revealing himself and gloating about the ease of luring Randal and the Band of them out, planting false information of crime lords gathering.

Taking battle positions, the giant managed to blind the four of them temporarily with a flare of pure light before they joined in the fight.

Thurston scrambled up the beast and took out one of its eyes, Takashi managed to destroy one of its kneecaps, and Felicity shot out half of its face, before it managed to get a good hit in on Randal. Roaring in sudden rage, he raised his hammer to the laid low giant, and smashed out his nether bits in a spatter, killing the giant in possibly the most male-feared way possible.

Afterwards, the three noticed that the general mood of Randal kept deteriorating, his obsession with finishing with the gangs overwhelming all else, and taking what personability Randal had since they’d known him.

Remembering that they now had three million dollars, they convinced Randal to take a short break…and run off to Los Angeles.



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