The Red Sun

The Massacre at Chance's End

Story 1 Session 1

Our Campaign starts with our various Scions arriving at Chicago, some of them instructed to go there by their Divine Parents, others still arrived there by the will of Fate. When they arrived they each established themselves in their own unique way.

Felicity initially contacted one of her father’s old contacts, a John who offered Felicity a place to stay and a potential job. An orignial draft of the King James Bible had just arrived at a small museum in the local area. The item was such a recent accquisition that it hadn’t even been put up in a display yet, and was more than likely in a minimum security storage area. Felicity proved to be a skilled thief using her powers to phase like the moon and steal the bible literally right out from under the nose of the curator.

Thurtson , upon arrival got ready for his first show, and while he was performing a Content Not Found: Marvo arrived and challenged Thurston to a magic-off. The two stage magicians went at it until both were out of tricks, Marvo willing to concede a tie, but then Thurston lit himself on fire with no protection whatsoever and burned spectacularly until he dipped himself in a tank of water. Revealing himself completely unharmed, this was thanks to a boon granted to him from his birthright.

Takashi has been blackmailed by members of the Yakuza to take down a faction of the Chicago mafia that was beginning to move in on the Yakuza’s interests. Arriving in Chicago, Takashi quickly tracks down the smugglers to a dock house. Deciding that the best course of action would be a direct one, he approached the dockhouse sword drawn and notices others stalking the actions of his targets. Choosing to strike first, Takashi attacks the men at the docks, and soon the mysterious others joined in. Unfortunately the one who was seeming to head the operation got away. Takashi turned back to the others and realized that they were lead by a Scion. Instantly aware of each other’s heritage they introduced themselves, and so Takashi met Randal and also how Takashi learned of the mysterious invitation to the Chance’s End.

The others soon recieved their invitations as well, at safehouses and hotels alike, and were all drawn out of curiosity and fate to the bar.

When they arrived, they instantly realized that this invitation wasn’t restricted to them. In fact, countless Scions were gathered in the bar. Despite their inital apprehension, the Scions found themselves enjoying the company of their fellows, until one Scion, finally tired of waiting, stood and called for attention. He called to the bar for answers, and recieved one in the form of a gaping, fatal chest wound.

A being made seemingly of light attacked instantly, slaughtering many Scions, and other creatures of light joined in the ambush as well. Disorder broke out as Scions tried to make it out of the door. Those that were were attacked on the street by more creatures and mummies. Our intrepid heroes decided to try their luck running past the being of light and making a run for it out the back way, where they encountered four mummies. However, they proved no match for our Scions and they escaped!

Now after the nights events, the Scions agree to search for a way to discover what exactly is happening, and find the Cancer of Chicago!



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