The Red Sun

Plots of an Unknown Adversary

Story 1 Session 2

Beginning straight after the attack at Chance’s End, Randal Gravil and his followers, Danny’s Boys, led Thurston, Felicity, and Takashi to his warehouse deep within industrial Chicago. Introductions were hastily made while they put as much distance between them and the bar as quickly as possible.

It was decided after a little while that things may have calmed down enough to each head back to their respective homes and hideouts. Phone numbers were exchanged, and went to find various states and things.

Felicity returned to her safehouse, no more than a bedroom and a small living space, torn to shreds. She and Bubastis scoured the place and found nothing more than a tuft of dark fur that set Bubastis hissing. Calling John to let him know that the safehouse was no longer safe, she headed back to Randal.

Takashi walked into his hotel room and immediately survived the first strokes of a skilled ambush attempt. Engaging his attacker, he quickly disarmed and wounded him, tying him up and beginning the questioning. All Takashi got, however, was a fevered and panicked rant on “The Reptile in the Underworld that will come for me, and make me beg for a second death that will never come!!” Takashi phoned Randal, who came immediately with some of his Boys. The Boys dragged the assailant off to be ‘disposed,’ and they went back to the warehouse, where Felicity joined them.

All attempts to contact Thurston fail miserably, and the three head to his high end hotel. Getting the room number far too easily, they head up and find his room in complete disarray. Burn marks litter the room, and the window has been broken from the inside, out. A huge scorch mark on the cement below is their only clue to his whereabouts.

A few days pass with no word from Thurston, and little to no press on the massacre of at least fifty people reaches them. Randal, tired of waiting around, decides to take Felicity and Takashi to see Francis, a mortal seer for any clues on what to do next.

After pawing their way through his filty hovel of an apartment, Francis gets comfy in a worn armchair and freezes.

“I see…Fate is wound tightly around you three. It is hard to see, choices will be made, so many possibilities.”

“Felicity…for you I see a man, though he is past his prime he still carries an old charm. He is trapped, but his prison bars are not iron, but Fate itself. I see a terrible choice. Few paths lead to his freedom.”

“Takashi…you are a man of honor and principles, and you will have to befriend those who used to be enemies. Do not stray too far from who you are, however, despite these sacrifices. The consequences would be dire.”

“Randal…you will have to abandon those who need you. But never abandon them in your heart.”

Francis seemed to then begin to slip out of his trance, but he was held fast by a new vision. Clutching the arms of his chair frantically, he managed to choke out one final warning.

“I see a man of light, and horrible deeds…The Storm God who killed his Pantheon, he did not do it alone!!”

Francis then slipped into a deep sleep from the exertions of his trance. Takashi, as payment, and for his personal satisfaction, cleaned up the apartment with the others’ help, and they left.

On their way back to Randal’s warehouse, a growl sounded from an alleyway. Emerging from the shadows was a large black beast that Bubastis recognized as the creature that had torn apart Felicity’s safehouse, hissing and spitting. Making the first move, the creature lunged at Randal, throwing him into a lamppost and knocking him out. In a stroke of virtuous rage, Takashi lunged at the creature and fully bisected it in one mighty stroke, before Felicity or her cat could join combat. With creature down, a golden token that had been affixed to its forehead fell off, and the body reverted to that of a normal street hound.

The token itself had a strange eye-shaped emblem on it, which Felicity pocketed for safekeeping. Helping Randal back to his feet, they managed to get back to his warehouse without further incident.



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