The Red Sun


Story 2, Session 4

The band of Takashi, Thurston, and Felicity all stood within the warehouse with the band of Gray, Paul, and Sheri (Powerful demigods in their own right, each a Scion of the Pesedjet. Gray was a son of Horus, Paul was a son of Isis, and Sheri was a daughter of Osiris), catching each other up on events and finally parting just as night began to fall. Saying that they had to get back to their home by the edges of town to protect the professor, they left them to planning how to best get the warehouse defensible.

Thurston first thought of calling in his new officer friend, Detective Percy, to blockade the street for a couple of nights to buy them some time. Foster’s forces wouldn’t overtly kill the law or similar for at least a few nights, so it gave them a few extra nights of valuable preparation.

Setting up cement blockades inside the warehouse and setting all kind of horrific traps in the yard with the Danny’s Boys, Takashi went to see his ‘client’ and asked Randal once they were behind closed doors to borrow the rest of the Boys for the purpose of defending their warehouse. Randal readily lent them to Takashi, and soon the warehouse was a fortress. The chain link fences had been filled over and reinforced with concrete, creating a solid wall not easily penetrated, and Felicity was ready to take positions on the roof with her sniper rifle and about four of the Danny’s Boys armed to the teeth. Thurston stayed inside with the other band, leaving the professor tucked in the back behind them. Takashi decided to take point out in the yard of the warehouse.

With their defenses decided upon, they had to prepare also to find the last little Japanese luck idol and finish preparing Randal’s case. Questioning the Professor, a Professor Coleman who was a walking encyclopedia of mythology, he mentioned that he had seen something like it with his former college friend, a man named Timothy who now was CEO of BG Gas.

Doing their research on Timothy, they found BG ran a refinery four hours away from Chicago. Deciding as they were expecting the first wave of Foster’s forces that night that there was nothing to be done that moment, they prepared themselves and their fortifications.

As nighttime approached, the other band informed them that the sieges normally started around 9 pm every evening. Sure enough, as the appointed time approached, peering down the street, Felicity could see a solid column of around twenty cultists turn the corner from her perch on the roof. Everybody could hear, however, the ominous Latin chanting they did, synced in a discordant unison. Padding alongside of them were about ten of the Nemian hounds, twisted and malformed by the coins pressed into their foreheads.

Grips tightening around their various weapons, they prepared for the first night.

Felicity took the first shots, weakening some of the hounds as they came within range of her scopes, and as they came closer, the Danny’s Boys perched with her opened fire, beginning to mow down the ranks slowly. The cultists began climbing the wall, and the hounds bounded straight over, and Takashi prepared himself and let Thurston know that soon they’d see some action as well. The first of the dogs landed straight onto a land mine buried in the earth, exploding into useless bits. Slicing his way through a few of the cultists, some simply bolted past Takashi to begin the fray inside. The fortifications did their trick, slowing them down enough for Thurston to begin firing as well. As cultists began running for the demigods in the back, Sleipnir and Bubastis, stationed by them, began doing their work. Thurston grinned in satisfaction as he heard a loud whinny followed by a panicked scream and violent-sounding crack.

Felicity, long past the need for the rifle, pulled her pistol and instructed the Danny’s Boys with her to head back inside to help with the cultists in there while she backed up Takashi. Jumping from the roof, she landed and began firing into the fray as Takashi dealt with four enemies on his own.

Soon enough, the battle was over as the last cultist fell, and they all rejoined inside. They had about three hours to go until sunrise, so they let the Danny’s Boys handle the cleanup while they prepared for Randal’s case that day. Thurston also had a plan for the final Japanese idol, and made a call. Managing to con his way into calling the CEO’s office in Britain, he told Timothy that he was his long-lost illegitimate son. Cursing a fundraiser in Dallas, Thurston played along with Timothy’s justification and said that they (him and his ‘mother’) moved to Chicago about a year after he was born. Sighing, Timothy resigned himself to the fact that he’d be going to the Windy City. Telling Thurston that he’d be flying out that day, he’d call him once he was in town.

Going to the courtroom, Takashi and Thurston’s combined intellect and charisma resulted in sheer law-wielding acts of brilliance, and Patrick Mahogany sweated bullets in his own seat in the prosecution. Takashi could just taste the notoriety. The first day in court was a success.

They even had some new ideas on defending their warehouse home. Thurston had spent some time fiddling with a fire trying to figure out how to bolster flames like Randal could, finally clicking towards evening. Coating the cement walls with kerosene, they prepared to light them as that night’s wave came for them.

Gray warned them that the previous night’s original surge was only a test of their defenses, and tonight’s would likely be worse. Of course, six months of pushing off Foster’s forces proved them the knowledgeable party in this respect, as they got a load of that night’s attack team. Twenty chanting cultists were followed by a few hounds…and two giants. Felicity immediately drew a bead on the giant in the forefront as Thurston, in the yard, lit the wall on fire, bolstering it past the need for fuel. Felicity took careful aim and fired, hitting the giant in the shoulder and weakening it. Managing to squeeze off another sniper rifle round before the Danny’s Boys opened fire, the first giant fell, obligingly falling on a few cultists.

The rest got to the wall, and the cultists looked leery at the flaming wall of concrete before them. Finally, one brave soul stepped forward and declared, “Do not be fooled by this illusion!” and ran up to climb it. He burned to a crisp.

The final giant decided to help get the cultists over the wall, and using infallible giant-logic, deduced that the best way to help the little people over the fire wall was to simply chuck them. Grabbing cultists and tossing them over the wall, that method met with varying success. Many landed on mines in the yard, and some were shot out of the air by the Danny’s Boys. Others still cracked painfully against the stone sides of the warehouse, and Felicity took the opportunity to really take careful aim on the giant.

Obviously more familiar with her new toy than she had been the previous night, she managed to burrow the slug right into the giant’s brain, felling it in one lucky hit. The few cultists that had lived through being thrown about like ragdolls were dispatched quickly by Takashi, and it looked like that evenings siege was over. Just as they were preparing to put their weaponry away, a whizzing and a zipping could be heard nearing them, and two of the cherubim flashed into sight, crashing through two windows of the warehouse to try and get to the Professor. All quickly rushed inside as Gray’s band took up positions. Felicity, Takashi, and Thurston all managed to take out the cherubim, though, and at the end of the night managed to get a few hours quick rest, safe in the knowledge that they’d once again fended off Foster’s forces.

The next court day was just as brilliant as the first, with only one minor hiccup on Thurston feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket in the middle of some amazing diatribe. The judge took a personal half-day that day, so Thurston was able to see that the call was from his ‘father’ before too much time had passed.

In the awkward conversation that followed, Thurston, affecting the nervous stammer of a man about to meet his birth father, set up a meeting at a Denny’s most of the way to Hillfield, the town where Timothy’s company had the refinery. Getting Felicity onto Sleipnir with him, they rode out early after their half-day in court, planning on being back before nine that night. Sleipnir made great time there, and getting there at about five, Felicity quickly spotted a nervous looking man dressed well and in late middle age. He wore the final idol around his neck, what Takashi had told them was the god of luck in wealth and commerce during a minor tirade on how that little idol must have been how he had been winning all those cases over BG’s environmental conservation methods.

While Felicity went inside completely unseen, Thurston hid around back with Sleipnir to wait. She nabbed the idol from around his neck after a suitable distraction of tripping a waitress into him, and Thurston had to hide a giant eight-legged horse from a man taking out the garbage. Idol in hand and eight-legged horses unseen, they hopped back on and began the ride back into Chicago. Thurston made a quick call to his ‘father,’ however, before shooting off, explaining that it was a ‘bad idea for him to ever call in the first place.’ Timothy reluctantly agreed, and that was that.

It was getting late, though, and Sleipnir had begun slowing down for the sake of it being too dark to go all-out. Thurston and Felicity were starting to get nervous. What if they didn’t make it back in time?

Back at the warehouse, Gray was eyeing Takashi critically. Asking where the two of them were, Takashi quickly assured him that they’d be there, no matter what. Just in case, however, he moved a few of the Danny’s Boys around to compensate.

Just as it hit 8:50, the two of them passed a sign that read, “Chicago, 20 mi.” Impatient and not wanting to let their friends down, Felicity ordered a stop. She hopped off Sleipnir, grabbed both her friend and his horse, and looked straight up at the moon. Using her ability to see a radius of the earth at a bird’s-eye view in conjunction with her ability to step through the shadows, she was able to step four times with both of them, landing them in the warehouse yard at 8:51. Slightly drained, she rushed to the roof while Thurston ran to make sure the kerosene was spread. Takashi heaved a sigh of relief and reset the Danny’s Boys, and they took up positions.

9:00 came. Then, 9:30. 10:00. No sign of the Flame. The night wore on, and not a single wave of attackers showed themselves. At around 1 am, Takashi, with the others nearby, placed the idols in a little semicircle together to see what would happen. They began to spin wildly in place, and Takashi immediately bent his head in prayer while Thurston and Felicity looked on in wonder. They hovered a couple inches off the table, glowed brightly for a split second…and disappeared. Hoping that it was enough, they went back to looking for any possible ambushes while taking naps in turns.

It never happened, however. When morning arrived, the three of them dressed and went to court, Takashi and Thurston preparing to wow the courtroom with yet another day’s worth of legal brilliance. When the judge arrived, however, he informed the court that due to revelations about the evidence concerning Randal’s case, the evidence had been deemed unfit and had no further relevance to the trial. Randal was to be released immediately and the case thrown out of court. Takashi despaired a bit, his legal notoriety and all proof thereof having just been thrown out, but the group as a whole was ecstatic about Randal’s return.

His things (and relic) returned, Randal left with the three of them to get to the warehouse. Looking it over, he asked what they had done so far, and began to make his own modifications. Revealing things like indoor traps, he set the Danny’s Boys to work in the way only Randal could under his direction, flitting in and out of sight, hammers heard in the distance as they patched broken windows, set up spike traps, barred entrances, creating more hazards for Foster’s forces.

Celebrating with a bit of pizza and beer, introductions made all around, the group felt ready to take on that night’s siege. Night fell, and positions were taken up. Randal joined Thurston inside the warehouse, and all remained quiet for the second being.

9:30 came around. Just as they thought it would be another quiet night, Felicity heard with a start a horrible crunching and crashing from INSIDE.

Roth Foster’s forces had tunneled underground. Coming up in the middle of the floor of the warehouse, no less than three giants, twenty cultists, and ten nemian hounds climbed from the wreckage of the floor from their half-dug, half sewer tunnel. Just as they all began to join battle, and as Felicity ran in the front door, the giants in unison flared, blinding all those within. They did not attack during the moment of their weakness, however, and as soon as sight was regained, Gray and Paul both yelled for the others to get to the Professor. Bolting across, Thurston got their first on Sleipnir to a horrifying sight.

The red-haired priest himself was in there, dagger to the Professor’s throat. Flush with victory, he sneered at Thurston until Felicity, Randal, and Takashi joined him. Seeing all four of them there, he had second thoughts concerning his own safety, and instead threw Coleman at them and grabbed the Professor’s suitcase, somehow teleporting away. In his wake there was only one red feather, floating to the ground. Upon touching, the feather flared into a phoenix, glowing with heat and tainted rage.

Thurston pulled the Professor up onto Sleipnir, dashing off into the night to ensure his safety as the other three faced the phoenix. Firing, kicking, and grappling, the three managed to finally fell the beast just as Thurston returned, not wanting to leave everybody alone. Seeing the demigods finishing up the last of the Cult monsters and tainted people in a flurry of impressive violence, the worst was over.

The warehouse was fairly well destroyed. The Professor was still alive, but his briefcase was gone. Grilling him on the contents, they zeroed in on the college thesis he wrote years ago, something he carried as a mark of pride. Saying that his topic was on the cross-pollination of mythos all over the world, he had touched upon something fairly original on his topic, something called the Book of Seshet. Egyptian Goddess of Knowledge and the written word, any book penned by her in the wrong hands could be potentially dangerous. Figuring that would be what Foster would want most out of all the information he’d find, they decided they needed to follow his movements and get it before he did.

Chicago would have to be left behind. Packing up what they could, they bid farewell to the demigods, with their thanks, and moved to the house they’d purchased a few weeks back. Deciding to stay in Chicago until they heard of where Foster was next, Randal prepared to bid a sad farewell to the city he’d worked tirelessly to protect, and heed the words of Francis’ premonitions.



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