Doctor Reinholdt

“No my good sir, I do not believe there are things in this world that can not be quantified. Everything is explainable by the powers of science, that is a truth I believe as fervently as a religious man believes in God.”


Born and raised in a small hamlet named Siegen, Henry Reinholdt got his doctorate in philosophy at the young age of 21, and proceeded to get a doctorates in English, literature, psychology, history, astronomy, mathematics, physics, and chemistry over the course of the next 30 years. During his life he has published various papers that have revolutionized whatever field he published them in. Causing thinking men the world wide over to stop and consider a different side of things, he’s most famous for his open mindedness and his unique perspective on today’s problems. Some have called him a visionary, a genius, and the country of Germany has called him a blessing to the motherland. On numerous occasions they have tried to snatch him up for use in the Government, which Reinholdt has politely but firmly declined, prefering the mountain charm of his hamlet home of Siegen. The villagers of Siegen view Rienholdt as a community leader of sorts, and he takes the role on with more grace then most of his country’s politicians.

Reinholdt first encountered the supernatural when the villagers of Siegen brought before him a man they had found in the mountains, and the man in question turned out to be the Scion of Odin, Thurson Frost. Reinholdt instantly knew something was wrong with Thurson’s story of simply ‘waking up’ there and managed to eventually talk Thurson into telling him the truth…after which he agreed to help Thurson find a means of returning to Chicago without having to deal with government bodies, and in exchange Thurston would tell the Doctor all he knew of the supernatural, with the goal of striving to understand and conquer the subject like he had with so many subjects before.

A few months later, Reinholdt came into contact with a group of Scion Demigods; Ronald, Isabelle, and Isaac. He managed to lure them to his small village with the information of Chance’s End. The three came to Siegen expecting a fight, only to find the Doctor and his Scion companion. Opting to take the Doctor and Thurson with them, they psychopomped their way to Chicago, where the Doctor managed to convince the Demigods to let Thurston free. They did, however chose to keep the Doctor around, not knowing when he might next be useful.

Doctor Reinholdt has not been heard from since. It is assumed that he is still with the Demigods somewhere in Chicago. One way or another he is already fatebound with the Demigods heavily, that at least is for sure.

Doctor Reinholdt

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