Dorian Clouseau

An old rogue, Felicity's father, and currently jailed.


Hair: Auburn, greying at the temples
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6’1"
Build: Lean, muscular
Age: 43


Dorian is the father of Felicity:, and had only been a professional thief for about five years before encountering her mother, the Goddess Bastet.

He had never thought of himself becoming a responsible parent (Well, as responsible as training your daughter to go into your illegal profession can be), but he found himself thrust upon the job unexpectedly after the best tryst of his life.

When the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas acquired a certain Egyptian artifact, a priceless salve jar from a temple of some Goddess, he decided that a man of his discerning tastes should arrange for a more lucrative buyer. Unfortunately, when approaching the safe that held his prize, something happened that never had before; he was caught. A tall, fast, smirking woman blocked his way at every turn, and when he seemed frustrated enough to jump out the nearest window and try his luck, she finally stopped her game and offered to let him go…in exchange for him buying her a drink.

Nine months later, a baby showed up on the doorstep of Dorian’s latest hideout in a woven reed basket, with a note tucked beside the girl that said, “With Love, from Vegas.” Despite his lifestyle, Dorian had no desire to leave his own flesh and blood at a fire station, so he settled down with his ill-gotten gains to raise his daughter.

Moving from city to city to small town to metropolis, the Clouseaus stayed in any place no longer than a year, shorter if they attracted attention in some way. Felicity picked her first pocket at the age of four, and her father wasted no time getting her into gymnastics classes wherever they settled. This caused problems around the age of seven when Felicity’s coach at the time was so enthused with the girl’s natural gifts that he insisted that they start Olympics training right away. They moved the next day.

Dorian felt comfortable enough to start going on ‘jobs’ again once Felicity was old enough to be pawned off on reliable contacts for an evening or two, until she was old enough to join her father. Proving invaluable with her dexterity and natural way with finding shadows to slink into, they cut a swath through the country stealing valuable items until she was about seventeen. During one particularly tricky heist, the feds showed up after a tipoff. After a chase through the multi-storied collections warehouse, the trapped pair blockaded themselves behind a door. With only seconds and one dead-end exit, Dorian shoved Felicity out of the nearby open window, trusting her uncanny abilities to save her life while distracting authorities himself. Dorian was arrested that night, and Felicity, dazed and shaken up, watched her father be taken from the building in handcuffs and leg shackles. She had to flee before the rest of the various police teams continued sweeping the area.

Dorian has recently been revealed to be in the custody of SAGA, the Scion-American Guardian Agency. They posed as Federal Agents in order to sting the Clouseau’s operation and capture him, forcing Felicity out on her own in order to lure Bastet into paying her daughter a Visitation.

Dorian Clouseau

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