Felicity Clouseau

A short, lithe young woman with yellow-green eyes and a certain affinity with cats.


Age: 19
Height: 5’3"
Eyes: Yellow-green
Hair: Auburn/brown

Calling: Professional Thief
Nature: Trickster
Pantheon: Pesedjet
God: Bastet

Strength…….OOO————EPIC – None
Stamina……..OOOOO——-EPIC – X

Charisma……..OOO————EPIC – None
Manipulation…OOOO———EPIC – X
Appearance…..OOO———-EPIC – None

Intelligence…OOOO———EPIC – None
Wits……………OOOOO——-EPIC – XX


Control………………OO (Motorcycles)
Science………………OO (Chemistry)




36 Legend Points

Dodge – 19
Parry – 16
Join Battle – 8

4B, 3L
Leather Jacket, 2B

16 yards
33 yards
8 vertical, 16 horizontal yards

Bastet’s Aegis, Access to Prophecy, ability to resurrect Bubastis
Bastet’s Salve, Access to Moon
Ring of Bubastis, Access to Animal (Cat), change Bubastis back and forth from Domestic to Large
Sphinx Shadow Sceptre, Access to Darkness, attacks are silenced (only when relic is held).


Animal Speech (Cat) – Passive Ability, talk to all cats.
Night Eyes – Passive, see in the dark with no color perception.
Shadow Step – Spend 1 legend, step from one shadow to another within your line of sight. Passengers allowed.
Absorb Light – Spend 2 legend, become a sinkhole for light. Immunity from Sun template effects when the opponent’s legend is less than the user’s own.
Smoking Mirror – Spend 1 legend, see a bird’s eye view of the area below, a radius of 1 mile per the user’s permanent legend.
Phase Cloak – Spend 1 legend and phase away from sight like the moon. Difficulty is increased based on how much the user wishes to fade. Dex + Stealth roll, difficulty 4 successes to phase New Moon, which adds 8 bonus successes to supernatural detection, mundane auto-fails. Botch on activation roll forces user to assume full moon phase, +3 to all hiding difficulties.
Ren Harvest – Regain legend from hearing of your own deeds. Legend regained upon successful Char + Empathy roll.
Sekem Blaze – Spend 1 legend, cow enemies below your own legend.

Cat’s Grace – Never lose your balance on uneven terrain
Divine Balance – Balance on things that normally wouldn’t be able to hold you
Lightning Sprinter – Double dash speed (1 legend)
Monkey Climber – Climb at normal movement speed and take an action as if on the ground
Spider Climber – Climb at dash speed, or movement speed + action
Trick Shooter – Double the aimed bonus for an attack, and ignore difficulties to special ranged attacks as long as an aim action is taken first.
Untouchable Opponent – Double the epic Dex bonus on your Dodge DV (1 legend)
Omnidexterity – Able to manipulate with hands, mouth, fingers, toes, without taking penalties.
Body Armor – Add your permanent legend to bashing and lethal soak (1 legend).
God’s Honest – They’ll believe whatever you say. (1 legend)
Telescopic Senses – See, hear, smell like a predator.
Eternal Vigilance – Ability to hear sneak attacks coming, even in your sleep.
Monkey in the Middle – No “Onslaught” DV penalty, no DV penalty against coordinated attacks
Subliminal Warning – Add Epic Perception auto successes to your Wits + Awareness roll to detect ambushes.
Predatory Focus – Track your prey (Perception + Survival).

Bubastis – OOOO
Type: Large/Domestic Cat

Str: 7/1
Dex: 4/3
Sta: 6/2 (1 Epic)
Cha: 0/0
Man: 0/0
App: 2/1
Per: 3/3
Int: 3/3
Wit: 3/3

Ath: 4, Aware 3, Brawl 3, Integ 2, Invest 2, Pres 3, Fort 3, Stealth 4, Surv 3

Willpower: 5/3
Legend: 1

Soak: 7/1B, 4/0L
Dodge DV: 5/3
Join Battle: 6/6

Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2(-4)/Incap

Bite (Large Only) Acc: 6, Dam 8L, Speed 6
Claw, Acc: 7/4, Dam 7L/2L, Speed 4/5

The ability to shadowstep and phase in step with Felicity.


“Clean” Laundered Money Account – $1,750,000
$450,000 from fenced goods, $1,300,000 from old $3,000,000 Crimson Tide take

Contacts: John (Chicago, slimy), Tim (Los Angeles, family friend)

Languages Known: English, French, American Sign Language, Morse Code

Olympiad Medals: Boxing (Gold), Jumping (Bronze), Footracing (Gold), Marksmanship (Gold)


The night Felicity’s father was caught, she packed up only what she could carry from the apartment she shared with him and fled town.

Tracking various contacts across the country for a place to stay and a tipoff on where her father might be incarcerated at, she decided on taking a breather in Washington, D.C., where an artifact, an aegis from Egypt, was being kept. She grabbed it with no problem, but an unexpected guard came around the bend. Just as she was planning her escape, she suddenly found herself nowhere near Washington, but in a vast desert in a small oasis, standing across from a smiling, tall woman.

She introduced herself as the Egyptian Goddess, Bastet, and Felicity’s mother. Gifting her daughter with the aegis she had worked to steal, and with the very salve jar her father had attempted to steal the night they met, she trusted her daughter with the continuation of the fight against the Titans on Earth. With one final parting gift, a cougar named Bubastis with the ability to shift into a domestic-sized cat, she sent her daughter to Boston to thwart the schemes of a Scion of Sobek named Rafiq, who she’d let live. Then it was off to Brooklyn where she met a Scion of Ptah scholar who turned out to be nursing a sphinx back to health. She did these various tasks for her mother until she announced to Felicity that she’d be going to Chicago next to meet with her inevitable Band.

Trying to flex her time between working with Takashi, Randal, and Thurston, and finding her father, she tries to do everything she can at once, and save whoever she can. Every failure frustrates her to no end, and the recent news that SAGA had been pulling the strings on her Fate since the night her father was captured has rattled her, making her wonder how much of her life is really her own.

A lot has changed since going to Tokyo.

Takashi’s departure for normal life has made Felicity bitter and confrontational towards their new bandmate, Tyrell, of SAGA. This, plus the continued incarceration of her father, being cut off from her Mother (due to the Underworld of Duat being mysteriously sealed away with all the Gods of the Pesedjet within), and the bombshell of having a disavowed twin brother, Felicity is not all smiles lately.

With the continued threat of The Jehovah’s Flame, The Red Emperors, and now the bastardization of fate, mortal-turned-God Doctor Reinholdt, there’s pressure on all sides, and Felicity’s not one hundred percent sure that they are all up to the task. Takashi fled, Randal is getting more and more distant, and his nightmares more frequent, Thurston is slowly becoming more unhinged, and Tyrell is still new to this life. And in the middle is Felicity, trying to keep everybody together when she’s finding it increasingly difficult to do so herself.

Felicity Clouseau

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