Felicity's lost twin brother


On the night Felicity Clouseau was born, she wasn’t alone.

As revealed to her by her guide, Bubastis, there was another that night, Felix.
Their mother had originally thought to raise the two of them herself, thrilled with the prospect of having something of a ‘litter.’ Although hardly ever done among the Gods, it wasn’t unheard of.

The night Bastet’s twin children were born, however, she immediately felt something wrong with her son. Felix, as he had been called, had a dark fate about him. Bastet felt she had no choice but to sever her parental tie to him immediately and leave him upon the banks of the River Nile, hoping to mitigate his ties to Fate as best she could, and lessen any damage he might do later on in life.

Abandoning her original plan to raise even Felicity herself, she left her baby girl in the care of her father.

He has since grown, and has apparently gained a Visitation from some other God, who likely thought the prospect of claiming a Scion with a Fate such as his amusing.

Felix is physically identical to Felicity in nearly every way; messy auburn hair, pointed features, and their mother’s cat green eyes.


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