Howard Ronaldson

A scion son of Agni


SURELY the bards will sing of our deeds for years to come, my friends! Now let us away!”

Son of Agni, Hindu god of Fire, Howard had a penchant for the flamboyant. Always expecting epic songs and tales, he lived larger than life and trusted people to a fault. Coming to the Chicago band’s attention during their stay in Los Angeles, they paid his bail after the police picked him up for questioning after stopping mad Priestesses of Dionysus.

Putting his band in contact with Randal’s, the four of them relocated to Chicago in order to aid their search into what had caused the Massacre at Chance’s End.

During a strike on Rafiq‘s hideout, he accidentally was separated from his group trying to escape, inadvertently splitting the group and arguably causing his and Erik’s death.

Howard Ronaldson

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