Scion of Sobek, twisted and very much dead.


Born a son of Sobek of the Pesedjet, Felicity Clouseau encountered him at her Mother’s behest in Boston, Massachusetts soon after her Visitation. Rafiq was attempting to ‘scare’ (See: feeding people to his crocodile) tenants of a run-down building into leaving so they’d clear out, and he could purchase it. Then, he was going to have it bulldozed and turned into a fancier building, for “The Greater Good.”

They fought, with Felicity emerging the victor. Unwilling to take a life, as she hadn’t done so before, she let him live, hoping that he would improve for the better. He didn’t.

He moved on to Chicago, and displaced the Dons of the Chicago Mafia. Becoming the head of the Cold Blood Killers, he was remembered mostly for his “Really Nice Boots,” and crocodile pets. He also came under the ‘employ’ of a gang of people run by Titanspawn during this time, and ascended to Demigodhood.

Takashi Morinozuka, who was sent to Chicago to displace another fraction of the Mafias, was outed to the Cold Blood Killers and Rafiq through infiltration of the Yakuza gang. Kidnapping an old flame of his, Cynthia, they threatened her life if he didn’t leave town immediately. Instead, the band decided to infiltrate, rescue, and kill.

Randal and the gang of Scions (plus friends) caught up to him, and after the deaths of two allies, and a few well-placed bullets and sword, Rafiq finally fell, a lesson in misplaced mercy.

In life he had taken his father’s policies of bringing people’s plans to fruition to its extreme, horrific extent. His plans in Chicago included killing all other Scions (as evidenced by the bodies of people of Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin, and other familiar origins lying about) to quell the nexus of chaos that surrounds each, for “The Greater Good.” Originally planning on living it up in his new ideal circumstances while in Boston, he had switched to planning his own suicide upon completion of his plans in Chicago. He shouldn’t have bothered, as Randal, Felicity, Takashi, and Thurston took care of that for him.


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