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  • Frederick

    Born a son of Ares, Frederick serves as the brawns to the LA scion group's operations. He relocated with the rest of them when they met the Chicago band after Howard's bail.

  • Ronald

    Ronald was one of the Demigods stationed in Germany. His party consisted of [[:isaac | Isaac]] and Isabelle, and considers himself the leader of the little trio. However, some may argue that the only reason he leads is because he is the only one who wants …

  • Edwin

    About five foot eleven and scrawny, this half-brother of [[:randal-gravil | Randal's]] seems to be the 'brains' side of Hephaestus' brains and brawn. Having come into contact with Randal's former bandmates, [[:vick | Vick]] and [[:sammie | Sammie]], in …

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