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  • Samantha

    Samantha, child of Azlanti god Xipe Totec, was stationed in Los Angeles along with Erik, Howard, and Frederick before meeting the Chicago band of Scions, Randal, Thurston, Felicity, and Takashi. At their request, the band relocated to Chicago to help …

  • Howard Ronaldson

    "SURELY the bards will sing of our deeds for years to come, my friends! Now let us away!" Son of Agni, Hindu god of Fire, Howard had a penchant for the flamboyant. Always expecting epic songs and tales, he lived larger than life and trusted people to a …

  • Erik

    "Don't you smell that? That taint? ...You're working with them, aren't you!?" Born to Damballa of the Loa, Erik worked with his band in Los Angeles, California up until meeting with Randal's Chicago band. The unofficial leader of the LA band, he also …

  • Frederick

    Born a son of Ares, Frederick serves as the brawns to the LA scion group's operations. He relocated with the rest of them when they met the Chicago band after Howard's bail.

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