The Chance’s End Bar was a dive in a remote area of town, someplace quiet where a raucous gathering could take place. Takashi Morinozuka, Randal Gravil, Felicity Clouseau, Thurston Frost, and around 75 other Chicago-area Scions were given an invitation to this place during the summer of 2005.

It was also a massive trap.

Many cups into their revelry, one Divine child finally stood and asked, “What are we all going here?”

He was answered with a cherub through his chest. That started a bloodbath. Cherubs and mummies, led by one glowing man of unnatural light, began making short work of all the heroes assembled. Two-thirds of the Scion population of the Chicago are were murdered that night, despite heroic attempts otherwise.

Randal Gravil led Felicity, Thurston, and Takashi to safety, and by the time six months had passed, only those four and the two demigod bands (The all-Pesedjet band of Grey, Paul, and Sheri; the band of Issac, Ronald, and Isabelle) were left alive.

The answer of “Why?” was finally addressed when Randal’s band met with Grey, Paul, and Sheri.
The three of them were guarding a Professor of major repute, a man named Professor Coleman who specialized in ancient mythology. Roth Foster, the leader of the Jehovah’s Flame, wanted Coleman alive, and the Pesedjet moved their children in his way.
Annoyed at his inability to get at the Professor due to Scions, he simply resolved to get rid of all Scions in Chicago by setting the trap of Chance’s End.

His targets, the guardians of Professor Coleman, decided to ignore the invitation in favor of continuing to stay near their charge, but he still managed to cause massive amounts of damage to the protection of Chicago.


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