Danny's Boys


Strength- 0000
Dexterity- 00000 Epic- X X
Stamina- 0000

Charisma- 000
Manipulation- 00
Appearance- 000

Perception- 000
Intelligence- 000
Wits- 00000 Epic- X


Academics- 00
Athletics- 00000
Awareness- 00000
Brawl- 0000
Command- 000
Control- 000
Fortitude- 000
Integrity- 000
Investigation- 000
Larceny- 000
Marksmanship- 00000
Medicine- 00
Melee- 0000
Presence- 00
Stealth- 0000
Thrown- 00

Soak: 1A/3L/7B
Health Level: 0/0/0/0/0/0/Incap
Dodge DV: 9 Willpower: 6

Supernatural Abilities- Flitting- The Danny’s Boys may manifest themselves anywhere within Randal’s immediate area, they may also disappear into the ether anywhere. Shadow Faces- The Danny’s Boys no longer have faces, however mortals can not see this, when asked to describe a Danny’s Boy after seeing one, mortals will have a very hard time recalling any details at all. Void Abduction- The Danny’s boys may make a grapple on any mortal extra in a scene if successful they are drawn into the void from which the Danny’s Boy manifest themselves. The people are never seen again unless Randal decides to bring them back with in the next 24 hours, any later than that and the people are lost forever.

Knack- Untouchable Opponents, Cat’s Grace, Opening Gambit

Billy is a fuck-up.

Danny's Boys

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