Much to the confusion of Law enforcement the famously organized Mafia has fallen into chaos. Anyone on the inside could tell you that the Dons have disappeared. No one is quite sure what happened to them, all that can be said is that their disappearance has left a power vaccum that can’t be filled easily. Numerous Middle management types have begun to lay claims down, and declare themselves crime lords. The problem with this, of course, is that the numerous crime lords aren’t keeping things organized like they used to be, and are often times coming into conflict with each other.

Additionally many gangs are beginning to move out of the Mafia’s normal circles of crime. This is causing incredible amounts of problems for the law enforcement. Additionally they are beginning to move in on other organized crime syndicate’s territory, most note worthy of these, the Yakuza.

Gangs of note: Danny’s Boys- An organization run by Randal Gravil even before the fall of the Dons. This gang has turned into crusaders for Chicago’s safety, taking care of the more extreme factions, and keeping at least a small sliver of order on the streets.

The Cold Blood Killers- The largest faction by far, its leader is a newcomer to the Chicago Mafia, no one has heard anything about his where abouts, and he’s a figure wrapped in mystery. One thing most people agree on though when metting him, his boots are remarkable and a sight to behold. The Cold Blood Killers are involved in the most different kinds of crime, they’ve kept most of the old operations running from before the Mafia split, as well as adding a few new things such as Bloodsports and dabbling in Human Trafficing.

The Lake Runners- A relatively small faction, however they’ve managed to make massive amounts of money bringing cocaine in from across the lake, in from Canada, which is smuggled there via the wilderness parts and from across the Atlantic. Not a usual route for such a trade, but it seems to have paid off. They are not well liked by the Yakuza.

The Crimson Tide- The main dealers when it comes to Bloodsports, they also deal slightly in gambling and other forms of competitive crime.


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