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Chance’s End- An important location to be sure, it is here that the players were first fate bound to each other.
Sleipnir- The fastest horse in the world, originally stallion of Odin, however was passed on to Odin’s favorite scion, Thurston Frost.
The Dead- As the scions of our intrepid group would soon discover there are many casualties in the war against the titans, here is a list of those who were close to the Scions and passed away.
Mafia- Before the scions marched against the titans first they made war with the gangs of Chicago.
Danny’s Boys- Shadowy servants of Randal Gravil, once men, these creatures have left their humanity far behind becoming uniform and mute.
Dr. Reinholdt Journal – An important document, written by a madman mortal-made-god.


1. The Massacre at Chance’s End – Adventure Log
2. Plots of an Unknown Adversary Adventure Log
3. No chance in Hel – Adventure Log
4. Happy Reunions Adventure Log
5. Fun in LA Adventure Log
6. Enemy Adventure Log

1. Olympiad Adventure Log
2. A Catburgler and his Daughter Adventure Log
3. A Light in the Dark Adventure Log
4. Siege Adventure Log

1. Journey East Adventure Log
2. Recruitment Drive Adventure Log
3. A Tale of Two Armies Adventure Log
4. Kaidan Manor – Adventure Log
5. The Snag – Adventure Log

1. SAGA’s Pawn – Adventure Log
2. Small Victories – Adventure Log

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