Roth Foster

A tall man with intense red hair, he moves with a calm and assurance that indicates incredible charisma.


The Man. The Legend.

…Coming Soon…


The Reverend Roth Foster, leader of the Christian sect known as the Jehovah’s Flame, started out as any impoverished, down-and-out child.

Growing up without his Divine mother, he only had his abusive, alcoholic mortal father for company. Driven to religion in his teens, he became a fervent and devoted Christian. Upon graduation from high school, he left for Rome to become a priest.

He led a small congregation for some years as a popular and beloved religious figure, until his sudden disappearance. This is where the record gets fuzzy, and when he presumably received his Visitation.
He traveled the world, the only stop able to be traced being Vatican City, where he apparently accessed the highly secure and wildly classified records in the Vatican Library.
Whatever he found there set the tone for the rest of his life. Going back to his home state of Texas, he established the Jehovah’s Flame and began his ascent into public life and notoriety, all the while chasing some lofty, unknown goal.

During his search and research, he determined he needed one Professor Coleman, a mythology professor of international renown. Finding the Professor well-protected by a group of Pesedjet Demigods, he did what was the only logical thing in his mind; kill all Scions in Chicago.

He was mostly successful. Most survivors of the Massacre at Chance’s End were eventually hunted and killed, but Grey, Paul, and Sheri were never present at the bar that night, keeping Coleman protected. His more present rivals, Thurston Frost, Felicity Clouseau, Randal Gravil, and Takashi Morinozuka, were survivors of the massacre and cleanup operations themselves.

He uses strange and horrible magics to bring his servants into being; the blood of his adherents is gathered to make cursed coins to taint more valuable followers and animals alike, as well as summon giants, Cherubs, and a dangerous man of light into doing his will.
Inherited from his father is his sledgehammer-like approach to life’s problems; In his case, he preaches with one hand and destroys his enemies mercilessly with the other. He can keep a crowd enthralled with his words and bold presence, and already commands massive respect in his new foothold in Tokyo.

His final goals are unknown as of this moment, as right now the Band is trying best they can to put out the fires this flame-haired man sets.

Roth Foster

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