Dr. Reinholdt Journal

-Today a new world has opened up before me, the villagers encountered a man up in the mountains, he was not dressed for the chilly climate he was in and did not speak a word of German. They brought him to me, not knowing what to do with the stranger. Siegen is not used to strangers, so the presence of one brings much commotion. I of course questioned him, worried that he might be an agent of a foreign government, it would certainly account for the lack of German, but what an American Agent is doing in the mountains near Seigen, is beyond me. After speaking to the man for a while, I could tell he was hiding something, finally after much arguing he revealed a truth to me beyond my wildest dreams. The myths of our motherland that of the Aesir and the Vanir, they are not myths, indeed the Asgards are as real as the pages I am writing this on. And what’s more all the other Gods from all the old religions are real entities of vast power. And to add to that, this Thurston claims to be the child of none other than Odin the All-Father himself. He even proved it to me by performing feats beyond the ken of mortal men. So much information to process! It shows you there is more to this world than can ever be learned, even I with all my understanding of the universe have only scratched the surface of what there is to know.

-I am searching for a way to return Thurston to America, however its proving difficult, too many bueracrats lie in between us and safely transporting him out of this country. It doesn’t help that Thurston doesn’t have any papers on him, and that he entered the country through the underworld, its not exactly something you can check off in a form. Although for however difficult it is to get him out of the country, Thurston himself is proving to be the most challenging thing in my life at the moment. Our arrangement was simple, he’d teach me of the mystical world of the Gods in exchange for safe passage out of the country. However he seems unwilling to share anything at all. Every nugget of information, I seem to have pried from him, it seems all Scions are used to acting in secrecy and sharing information so readily runs counter to their nature. This perturbs me greatly. If Scions are truly the only thing that stands in between Mankind and the Titanspawn, they should be held accountable. I should be hearing about the latest raid on a titanspawn hideout on the evening news. If mankind is to truly rest its collective lives in the hands of these admittedly unique although sometimes reckless individuals, we should at least know that we’re trusting them with our very existence. I do not think Thurston would see eye to eye with me on this, so I feel as though I should keep it to myself.

-At last! I found a way to get Thurston back to America, the answer was staring me in the face all along, Thurston came to Seigen with magic, why not leave it with magic. I managed to track down a small group of Scions, hopefully they’ll be enticed to aide a fellow scion, if not I believe I’m at square one again. I’ve sent out a request to my contact, he simply goes by the name Isaac. I think when Thurston returns from town, I will inform him of this, perhaps he’ll tell me more about ichor the blood of the Divine.

-I was right, not all scions can be trusted. Isaac, Isabelle, and Ronald have betrayed us, they took Thurston to Chicago, however they insisted afterwards that Thurston stay with them and not return to his ‘band’. Apparently the Demigods thought only they could fix whatever is wrong with Chicago. It seems hubris is a trait that ‘heroes’ possess even now. Thurston got away however I stayed behind. Ronald and his lackies might not have the best of intentions, however Thurston’s motives are pure, as far as I can tell. Hopefully with time, I’ll be able to correct my situation.

-I saw my first titanspawn, it was challenging, at first I didn’t notice him, it was like everytime I looked at what Isaac indicated my eyes wouldn’t focus quite right. Once I saw the ice giant however, I wondered how I could have ever not seen him. The three Demigods disposed of the Ice giant quickly, I find myself in awe of their powers. Nothing that I had previously known can explain for their abilities. I have grown convinced that the key is in the ichor, which after having spoken with Isaac in greater length about I have come to understand is more than simply blood. In a less powerful Scion, the ichor is only present in blood, but as they grow in strength and eventually become demigods, the Ichor saturates the flesh and muscle. At least that’s what I can surmise from Isaac’s rants about mysticism and fate. There’s a science behind everything, even magic.

-Although I still don’t approve of their methods however perhaps the three demigods who have become my traveling companions were right to come to this city’s aide. Chicago seems to need all the help it can get, we just found a body, Isaac says it was a scion’s. Isabelle didn’t want to leave it in the streets so we all took him back into our hideout. I talked Ronald into letting me do an autopsy on the body to find the cause of death. I told him this was the reason, however I was more curious as to what makes scions tick. I took a sample of the blood and I couldn’t detect anything unusual. I soon had stripped the body of almost every tissue sample I could get my hands on, until at last I detected a trace of something. I believe I managed to isolate a sample of Ichor, however as I felt the jubilation rise in my chest, the sample I had collected seemingly vanished. Curiousity outweighing better judgement, I approached Isaac asking him if he knew why Ichor seemed so ellusive to me. Isaac surprised me showing a great amount of interest in my research. He confessed that the exact nature of Ichor elluded him, however it may be possible that the ichor decays quickly once the scion dies. Isaac has surprised me with his interest, he’s even got Ronald and Isabelle to help me with my experiments. We’re now working on a way of preserving the ichor from decaying.

-We found a new body, Chicago seems to have no end of dead scions. This one was a recent kill however, and we were able to get him on my table before his body had began to cool. This time I was able to obtain much more Ichor, at least a liter. And now thanks to the new jars Isaac helped me develop I can store the ichor without worry, it combines magic with some medicine practices to perserve samples and seems quite effective. Although even with the new jars, I’ve noticed a gradual decay, it seems the Ichor needs living tissue to thrive. I wonder…

-Great accomplishments were not made by playing it safe. And I’ve proven that today, I attempted injecting the Ichor into my bloodstream, and it works! Already I’ve noticed an increase in my physical abilities, the aches and pains of age seem less prevalent. My senses seem to have increased as well. Isaac confesses that exactly how this worked is beyond him, however that my fate is now tangled as if what I had done snaged the threads of destiny. Ronald disapproves, saying that Isaac’s predictions show us that I’ve violated some code of nature. And what code is that exactly? That mankind should bow down before superior beings, and never try and better ourselves? That we should just lay down and let the children of the Gods save us from certain destruction. Or should we do something to defend ourselves. This is the next logical step in our evolutionary chain, and I’ve taken the first step.

-Time is moving quickly nowadays, I managed to talk the others into letting me continue my research, demigod or no, I still won it for my debate team 6 years in a row back in my college years. I still believe that the transfer of Ichor is the natural next step in human evolution, the problem is finding more ichor. Luckily for me, the city’s conflict is still raging all we have to do is pick up the scions before the ichor decays. However its becoming increasingly to find Scions, seems like the city is running out of them. Soon we will need to either move or track down another way to procur ichor. Perhaps blood transfusions?

-I’ve been charting the effects of ichor in myself, I’m seeing if there’s a limit on how much I can introduce to my body. So far I seem to find no cap. The other day I had my first manifestation of the Ichor beyond mere physical attributes, it was a simple power, and it was only with Isaac’s help, however I managed to keep a candle burning long past the point it should have estinguished. Isaac has been very supportive of my efforts, it seems that he too is driven by curiosity and wishes to see my experiments to yield results. Ronald seems nervous about letting me experiment on myself, typical scion arrogance, believing that I have no right to this power simply because I wasn’t born with it. Isabelle doesn’t like this at all, she’s a nice girl but lacks the sight that Isaac and I have. That day also marked the first successful Ichor transfution from a living host. Isaac volunteered some of his own ichor it was a simple process, no different in the extraction than a blood donation. My theories were correct, Ichor from a living scion is much more concentrated, and requires little alteration before being ready to transfer. Who knows what mysteries lie in the future for me to conquer.

-I had an arguement with Ronald today, he continually stands against my experiments. He called me perverse the other day, typical uninformed statement. It is simply a fact of science that Ichor saturates the flesh of a Demigod, making a much higher quantity of the precious substance found in a Demigods flesh. I am doing them no permanent damage by carefully removing sections of their skin, I take all the necessary measures to avoid infection, although I am sure that they would not contract anything threatening, a scion’s constitution being what it is. So far all of them have donated patches of skin, I’m currently using it to try and create a concentrated version, I seem to have reached a plateu of my abilities, and I’m trying to see if I can overcome it. Isaac believes it may be the barrier to becoming a Demigod, all scions reach a point where they become more ichor than flesh, more Divine than man. IF this is true the implications are staggering, we may not just be talking about the next stage of human evolution, we may be talking about the final destination for all mankind! Ascension! To even believe its possible for all mankind is staggering.

-Today’s the day, I’ve broken the barrier, I am a Demigod in ernest, Isaac was the first to be able to tell, that man sees things others can not. The ebb of fate, he calls it, I ran my own experiments to be sure, at the moment Ichor seems to be composing 54% of my body. What I’ve accomplished is monumental, however I can not stop now. I need to see if Godhood can be achieved in this means, also what of my fellow man? I can not just leave them in this unenlightened state, I must strive to help them achieve what I’ve achieved. However the process that got me here is too slow, I must create a quicker way to do the transfer. I will look into this. Isabelle is getting more and more upset, I fear I will soon have to find a way to subdue her, perhaps my new powers will assist me, we can’t have her getting hysterical.

-I have a quicker way, however it will require the sacrafice of a scion, I tell myself this is necessary for the sake of science. I must see if this new method will actually yield results, it is highly experimental combining ancient magicks with cutting edge technology as well as some highly complicated medical techniques. Neither Isaac or myself have ever heard of something like this ever being done before so we are all rather excited.

-It didn’t work, as frusturating as it is, defeat is part of the scientific process. I must learn what can be learned from it and move on. The results of this latest experiment were… gruesome. I do not get it, from all my research a quick transfer of Ichor should be no different than a gradual exchange. Why is it then that I exalt in Demigodhood, while my test subject mutates and dies? I shall have to talk to Isaac in great depth about the results. Odd lately Isaac has been acting different around me.

-Five new subjects and five gruesome failures. All together 12 people have died in the name of this experiment. I now believe that the reason I have not suffered the same fate as my subjects because I am somehow different. Isaac says that certain mortals are touched by fate, allowing them to alter events on a global scale. He believes its my affinity to destiny that has brought me my success in life, and has also allowed me to deal with the Ichor. A shame, I had such high hopes for humanity, but it seems my dream of Total Ascension will not be realized. However this does not mean the experiment is over, no, far from it. I have seen ichor being used to strengthen mortals, the Scions of the Aesir take advantage of exactly that when they make their thrall. I will begin my investigation of using Ichor, not to ascend mankind to Godhood but to help defend themselves from the Titanspawn threat. As I have said many times in the past, Mankind’s fate should be its own to decide.

-Isabelle is acting up, she tried to run away, I sent Ronald after her. I can’t believe I was ever worried about my safety with these fools. They all seem so weak to me now, have they always been this way?

-There are no more Scions here in Chicago, I can not find anymore, this city no longer serves my purpose, Ronald tells me that Reverend Roth Foster the supposed villian of Chicago has moved his base of operation to Tokyo. I believe we shall move there as well, where Foster goes other scions seem to swarm either to stop him or join him, or whatever. It is where I need to be, that is all that is important.

-21 failed attempts, 42 lives claimed. I have learned much however, the key is not in science, but rather it is in Magic. Pure power with no will behind it can have disasterous effects, as I have witnessed, and the average mortal being can not handle such pure power without a strong mind behind it controlling its effects. This discovery has led me to try and use the scion’s relics as a conduit for the power. It has not worked yet but I am close, Ronald was right about Tokyo, there are a plentiful supply of Scions here. I wonder why he seems to nervous around me nowadays.

-Success! I have created a masterpiece, they are thoughtless and need direction, something happens when the Ichor is introduced to the brain, luckily I can provide all the direction they need. Now that I’ve mastered the technique I can begin producing them in larger quantities. Their physical attributes are amazing, and they seem to hold a few unique powers that I had not anticipated. I shall have to chart exactly what they can do, once I’ve learned all I can about them I shall resume my research on my own capabilities.

-Still studying my creations, they are truly amazing and I will need much longer to study them, than I originally thought. So in the meantime I will resume my work on ascension. I seem to be reaching another barrier, if my suspicions are correct, I believe that this barrier is that to true Godhood. Just imagine soon I will be able to learn about a new plane of existence. Once I am there I can focus on the real problem, the Titans and defending mankind.

-I believe I know how to break the barrier, it will be tricky but hopefully today I will reach godhood. Ronald has been acting up again, I had a few of my creations confine him to his quarters. He was upset that I’m using him for my latest experiment, he doesn’t understand, the sacrafice he will be making will help me reach ascension. Isabelle seems to have gone missing again, I will send my creations after her after the experiment, I may still need her in the future. As ever Isaac is obedient, however he seems less and less useful to me, when he’s not too afraid to speak, he’s spouting out some cryptic nonsense. In the past I found his ramblings useful as a source of information, however they now seem less and less relavent. I must go and make my final preparations, my destiny awaits…

Dr. Reinholdt Journal

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